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TRANSMOBEL and the group Agdojavi offers services covering new logistics chains and open an important window for the development of your business:

  • Trans
  • : Inland, sea and air. We take your goods to anywhere in the world
  • Express
  • : Delivery of goods 24h or 48h
  • Kasa
  • : Reception of goods, delivery, unpacking and assembly, reverse logistics
  • Events
  • : International Fairs, Contract, sports and music events, Mudanzas
  • Logistic
  • : Complete or partial load, receiving, storage centers, order taking, Picking / Packaging, national and international distribution, customs management.
  • Online
  • : Document manager, control and tracking, electronic billing


    Land, sea and air. We take your goods to anywhere in the world

    Transmobel specializes in weekly groupage service serving the furniture back to Europe. We serve door in countries like France, Belgium and Portugal and other countries of Europe do through correspondents in each country also exclusively dedicated to the distribution of furniture. We have weekly sailings to France, Belgium, Portugal, Holland, England, Germany, Italy, Austria and Switzerland.

    We can also organize both their full loads as fractional anywhere in the world, whether by land, sea or air, as required.

    You decide where you want to send, we'll do the rest.


    Delivery of goods within 24h or 48h

    We have a direct express service for those urgent shipments can not wait, are vehicles loaded directly from the factory and from there goes directly to destination without any stops or manipulation, featuring vehicles from 9m3 to 100m3, delivered in 24-48 hours as destinations. If deliveries can not wait, do not hesitate to request an estimate.


    Receiving, delivery, unpacking and assembly, reverse logistics. Removals and Storage.

    Transmobel Specifically, as a company located in Barcelona, ​​is especially dedicated to the delivery in particular in the area of ​​Catalunya and take care of:

    • To receive and classify orders.
    • Store time you need.
    • Contact customer to coordinate delivery through our Call Center.
    • Prepare orders.
    • Syndicate directly to the individual.
    • Unpack and remove the material used.
    • Before mounting if you require your goods where customers tell us.

    We have daily routes to different parts of Catalonia delivering and setting up their wares, whether upholstery (sofas, armchairs and easy relaxation), fallow systems (mattresses, bases, electric mattress, couches ...), furniture, kitchen furniture and appliances. We are also authorized by the security system Eucageci to work in and to any CorteInglés center of Catalonia.

    We can also offer the same service from any company AGDOJAVI GROUP.

    If you need a special service, thorough and gentle for your merchandise, please contact us now are many companies who rely on us for supplies to individuals.


    International fairs, Contract, sports and music events.

    We have a department dedicated exclusively to the organization of fairs, Contract and Events. We are present in major international fairs, such as Milan, Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne, Dubai, Shanghai and others.

    This service can range from:

    • Service factory collection of your goods.
    • transport your furniture to the show or event.
    • Delivery on the stand.
    • Withdrawal packaging and delivery of each stand. Custody of, during the event.
    • Posted available a company representative during the event.
    • load at the end and return the goods to the factory.
    • Additional services: personal assistance, distribution from the fair ...

    If you want to attend major international furniture fairs TRANSMOBEL trust their charges, our experience of almost 40 years serving the furniture supports us.